Elijah Aden

Elijah is the older (and shorter) of the two brothers. Elijah is the man on the phone when you call. He is responsible for providing our free estimates as well as the main point of contact for our awesome customers. Elijah brings passion and provides top of the line customer service. When he’s not out strengthening customer relations you can find him chasing his 1 year-old daughter around and spending time with his wife Noelle!

Brodie Aden

He is the man typically behind the camera and social media posts. Chances are if you’ve met him on the job you noticed him triple checking, insuring and reassuring no spots were missed (his attention to detail is paramount). Brodie loves spending time with family, being outdoors, playing recreational sports and watching Nebraska athletics!

Logan Nadgwick

Logan is not a Aden brother but constantly claims he’s “the younger brother they both wish they had.” Logan works hard behind the scenes ensuring operations are functioning appropriately. He is a junior partner currently focusing on growing our gutter cleaning business. When Logan isn’t out working hard cleaning properties, he enjoys playing sports, fortnite, being with family and cheering on the Huskers!